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The Distinguished Alumni Award will recognize those alumni who have made an outstanding contribution to the library, information, media or book arts professions and who have thereby achieved distinction. Those considered should be judged on the full range of their professional accomplishments. They may be graduates from any of the programs of the School of Library and Information Studies.

The award may be awarded annually. There is no requirement that an award be given each year. However, an award shall be made at least once every three years. Multiple awards may be given but not more than two awards may be given in a year.

The award may not be given to a current Library School Association Board Member, SLIS staff member, faculty member, or to a family member of a current Board Member, SLIS staff member, or faculty member.

The Selection Committee for the Distinguished Alumni Award will be constituted at the beginning of each fall semester. The voting members shall be three alumni (the President of the Library School Association and two others appointed by the President and approved by the Board). The President shall serve as chair of the committee for a two-year term. The other alumni members will serve a one-year term. One member of the faculty may serve in an advisory capacity to the Selection Committee. The chair of the committee on students may serve or appoint another faculty member to serve in this capacity.

Whenever possible, the members of the Selection Committee will be chosen so as to represent a diverse background of interests and specializations. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

The Committee will solicit nominations annually and as widely as possible. Nominations must be received by August 1 and the recipient shall be notified no later than September 1.

Nominations are to be made by submitting a completed nomination form including a description of the nominee’s career accomplishments, and three letters of recommendation. Nominations are confidential. The nomination forms and support letters are to be retained to be considered for not more than three years.

Whenever possible, the Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to the recipient on Alumni Day. The recipient will receive a framed certificate or individual plaque and his/her name shall be engraved on the Distinguished Alumni Award plaque, which will be permanently displayed in the quarters of School of Library and Information Studies. The recipient will also participate when possible in the CC&IS Honors Day following the award.

This is a Library School Association function and expenses incurred by this award will be charged to the Association.

These criteria will be reviewed periodically.

[Approved March 31, 2017]

To nominate someone for the Distinguished Alumni Award, you can begin by completing the nomination form:

All nominations should be received by SLIS no later than August 1, and the recipient will be notified by September 1.

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • Irene S. (Renee) Blalock and Timothy Alan Lewis (2017)
  • Dr. P. Toby Graham (2014)
  • Allen Benson (2013)
  • Kate Ragsdale (2012)
  • Cherie Feenker (2011)
  • Lee E. Pike (2009)
  • Jerry W. Stephens, Ph.D. (2008)
  • Vicki L. Gregory (2007)
  • Pat Henderson (2006)
  • Sonja L. McAbee (2005)
  • Pat Ensor (2002)
  • Nancy Washington Clemmons (2001)
  • Lee Ketcham Van Orsdel and William C. Younger (2000)

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