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Membership in the Library School Association (LSA) is for one calendar year and is available to alumni and friends of the School of Library & Information Studies (SLIS) at The University of Alabama (UA). LSA provides financial assistance and support to SLIS, mainly in the form of scholarships for SLIS students. Please consider joining LSA to show your support of LSA and SLIS by selecting one of the annual membership levels listed below.

Annual Membership Level

Student (Currently enrolled SLIS student): $5
New Graduate (Complimentary 1st Year): $0 New Graduates must use the LSA Membership Form
Joint Membership (With at least one spouse being a SLIS alum): $45
Retired: $10
Active: $25 – $99
Century Club: $100 – $249
Patron: $250 – $499
Sponsor: $500 – $999
Dean’s List: $1,000 – $4,999
Capstone Club: $5,000 – $9,999
The 1831 Club: $10,000+

All new memberships and membership renewals are appreciated.

*If your company has a matching gift plan, send the form to us to complete and return.

There are two ways to join LSA or renew your membership – online and by mail.

  • Online
    1. Email the completed LSA Membership Form to lsa@slis.ua.edu.
    2. Submit your online payment to UA Online Giving. (By using this link, the Library School Association fund will be pre-selected for you, in order to pay your dues as a “one-time gift.”) If your company provides matching funds, please check the appropriate box so your gift can be doubled. [UA will mail an official receipt of your gift for tax purposes.]
  • Print
    1. Make your check payable to The University of Alabama. [UA will mail an official receipt of your gift for tax purposes.]
    2. Mail your check with a completed copy of the LSA Membership Form to:

The University of Alabama
School of Library and Information Studies
Box 870252
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0252

After you send in the LSA Membership Form with your information, we will contact you concerning LSA and SLIS events in your area and at The University of Alabama.

You may direct any correspondence or questions to lsa@slis.ua.edu.

Thank you for joining LSA or for renewing your membership, and thank you for your interest in and support of LSA and SLIS!

Revised 11-Feb-2018

2 comments on “Join LSA

  1. I’m interested in joining, but I don’t see the option to select “New Graduate” in the database.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Because new graduates receive a free membership for the first year, you will need to submit your membership using the form that is available at https://ualibraryschoolassociation.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/joinlsaform4.pdf. Simply complete the form and return it to SLIS.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

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