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Board of Directors

Officers Board of Directors

Samuel A. Rumore, Jr. (2020)

Jane C. Daugherty (2022)
Vice President/President-Elect

Susan D. Herring (2018)

Rheena Elmore (2018)

Stephanie Havron Rollins (2018)


Northern Region
Ron Schwertfeger (2018)

Central Region
Helen Walker (2018)

Southern Region
Jaena Alabi (2019)

Board of Directors

Jaena Alabi (2019)
Amanda Borden (2019)
Deidra Brewer (2020)
Sabrina Dyck (2018)
Cherie Feenker (2019)
Jessica Hayes (2020)
Maya Jones (2020)
Ron Schwertfeger (2018)
Irina Stanishevskaya (2018)
Chantelle Swaren (2020)
Helen Walker (2018)
Sara Maurice Whitver (2019)

SLIS Representatives

Dr. Jim Elmborg, Director

Dr. Ann Bourne, Assistant Director

Eva Lynch, Accounting Specialist

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