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February 2018

Dear SLIS Graduates:

We are members of a proud profession that has been trained to serve others. Libraries have been called the landmarks of civilization and the diaries of the human race. Librarians are the keepers of the light of learning. And we acquired our skills in this profession at the University of Alabama.

Our Library School Association provides alumni and friends of the School of Library and Information Studies the opportunity to give back. We fund a number of scholarships to assist deserving students with their education. We sponsor a mentoring day to give current students practical pointers on starting and developing their careers in the profession. And we assist with opportunities for networking among our fellow alumni through summer socials and the annual alumni day each November.

Many new things are happening at SLIS. Dr. James Elmborg has recently been announced as the new Director. Our new Assistant Director, Dr. Ann Bourne, has already come on board and is excited about her duties in helping us. The LSA has started an online newsletter. And you will need to see the physical improvements that have recently been made on the 5th floor at Gorgas Library.

I personally invite you to join and become active in your Library School Association. Dues start at only $25 but we hope you will be generous as higher levels of support are used to fund our scholarships. Many thanks.

Sam Rumore, LSA President

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